Women around the world choose Triumph because it makes them feel fashionable, confident and sexy. Our attention to the detail, commitment and passionate creation help us successfully address the products to the women of all ages.   The portfolio includes a wide range of lingerie, nightwear and swimwear collections that hit the tastes and meets the needs of all women. The new line called Triumph Essence The Luxury Collection is the result of our 125-year old commitment in Haute Couture. Our selection of the most sophisticated materials, nice touches and incredible attention to the detail make the new line extremely exciting. Our younger clients who tend to choose fashionable and fresh models prefer Miss Triumph, and the ladies who like timeless elegance and comfort will go for Triumph Classics. Triaction is an innovative line for women engaged in sport activities and Mamabel is provides a comfortable solution for nursing mothers.   Making lingerie for all shapes, ages and nationalities, Triumph has become a true leader in the underwear world.