New Yorker

New Yorker is an international fashion label. Since the opening of the first branch in Flensburg, Germany in 1971, the company has been constantly growing. Currently, New Yorker has more than 900 stores in over 30 countries.   New Yorker owns several in-house brands, which include:   • Fishbone and Fishbone Sister – it addresses the target of young people who want to emphasize their individuality through streetwear style. Fishbone shows colorful and comfortable sports clothes for young men, and Fishbone Sister offers sport design with a feminine touch to it.  • Amisu and Smog - Amisu is designed for the trend watchers who like to emphasize their femininity with stylish clothes. Smog proposes a men’s line with the elements of elegance as well as streetwear style of a simple design so much beloved by men. Amisu and Smog stand for casual style and denim fashion. • Censored – a line of romantic bras, sexy corsets and airy nighties, as well as hipster sports clothe • Swimmwear - a line of swimwear and stunning accessories such as pearls, sequins or shiny stones. • Accesories - a great variety of adornments for every outfit.